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Kangchenjunga – India’s pride in North East


Kangchenjunga is the Third tallest mountain in the world. It is of great pride to India as it lies partly in the north eastern Indian state of Sikkim. Part of the mountain lies in the neighboring country of Nepal.

Its peak stands as the second tallest mountain in the Himalayan range after Mt Everest and as the tallest mountain in India. The highest peak point of Kangchenjunga is at 8586 meters i.e. 28169 Ft.

The mountain is considered as sacred by the people of Sikkim and Darjeeling in India and is also worshiped by them as they often refer to it as the Five treasures of Snow. The best view of the mountain and its peak is from the Tiger Hill in Darjeeling.

For a long time Kangchenjunga was considered to be the tallest mountain in the world. However until the Great Trigonometrical survey of India in 1849, it was finally concluded that Mt Everest which was at the time known as Peak XV was the highest mountain in the world Thereafter Mt Kangchenjunga officially became the Tallest mountain in India and the 2nd Tallest mountain in the Himalayas and the 3rd Tallest mountain in the world.

The summit of this amazing and beautiful peak was first reached by a British expedition group consisting of George Band and Joe Brown on 25th May 1955.

The peak since long has been considered to be so sacred that there is a strict rule by the government stating that no group can touch or reach the highest peak of the summit. It has always been kept untouched as the locals fear it might anger the divinity of the mountain.

If your are planning to go for a Darjeeling or Sikkim Vacation or for a North East Indian tour, it is highly recommended to visit the Tiger hill for getting the best view of this tallest mountain of India.

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