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World cities with a local feel

Copenhagen is the world’s most liveable city, and you’ll soon see why on a trip to Denmark’s laid-back capital. Forget exhausting weekends getting round the sights of a big, bustling cities; Copenhagen’s attractions are within walking or cycling distance from each other. Aarhus is easy to get to and nestles between fjords, beaches and national parks. Odense is like stepping back in time. We’ve gathered the best destinations here!

It’s a food-lovers’ paradise

If you love to travel to a new place and get a proper taste of the local culture through food, then Denmark is a destination for you. Not everyone can enjoy the world’s best restaurant, noma, based in Copenhagen and that doesn’t matter! Denmark’s food scene has exploded over the last few years and you can tuck into Nordic cuisine at many restaurants around Denmark. For cheaper options, try street food or sample old Danish classics like smørrebrød.

Culture comes with everything

What do you think of as culture? World-class museums and exhibits? Festivals? A thriving music or theatre scene? Culture comes in many forms, but it comes with everything in Denmark! The unique underwater Maritime Museum in Helsingør was nominated as European Museum of the Year in 2015. Some of Scandinavia’s biggest food, music, film and fashion festivals take place in Denmark. And Danish cultural icons like Hans Christian Andersen offer you a rich cultural heritage.

Beaches beyond belief

Ever taken a beach holiday in Northern Europe? Denmark has thousands of good reasons why you should! With over 8,700km of beaches and hundreds of accessible holiday islands to hop between, you can seek out the perfect stretch of sand to relax on. Danes love spending time on Denmark’s beaches, and there are holiday cottages, inns, seaside hotels and B&Bs dotted around the coast. So dive into local Danish culture in 2017!

History is alive around you

You don’t need to be a history nut or a Viking enthusiast to really delve into Denmark’s rich and ancient history. It’s alive around you! Just walking the streets of Denmark’s towns and cities will bring you face-to-face with historical buildings, monuments and a feeling of a slower, simpler world. If you want to really get stuck in, you can stay at Viking camps, see battles and visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Or head to Denmark’s stunning castles.

Danish design is impossible to resist

If you love taking home something from your holiday, then you should definitely plan a break to Denmark. It’s known worldwide as a design hotspot, punching way above its weight in terms of famous designers and brands. Flea markets in the summer months are great places to pick up Danish design bargains to take home. Or you can enjoy time exploring the world’s longest pedestrian shopping street, Strøget, in Copenhagen. Just leave space to take things home!

It’s the perfect place to get active

Denmark is not an extreme country in terms of landscape or weather. Much of Denmark is gentle countryside and mild outdoors to explore. This makes it the perfect place to get active – you could even say it’s active by nature! Take a break from it all in the great outdoors, walking in Denmark’s national parks, cycling Denmark’s popular cycling routes, or even trying your hand at watersports. The famous white cliffs at Møn look even bigger from a kayak!

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